DAT PLUMber from brooklyn dat saves princess for giant werid looking turltles 

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Super Smash Bros. (1988, NES) - VS. Mode Screen + idle sprites

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Mario & Yoshi!

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Nintendo Power #34 (Mar. 1992)
Art by Tamakichi Sakura

Words by Kentaro Takekuma


Smash Bros ideas for the Mother series:

The PK attacks should look more like their weird line-based designs from Earthbound

If Ness or Lucas would land a fully charged Smash attack, it should say 

above their heads

Magicant and Dalaam would make for cool stages, and so would the ever-popular Saturn Valley idea. Also my idea for a Giygas stage is still cool.

I would like Kumatora and Masked Man to be playable too



[I did not make this! This was drawn by the person at the SOURCE above]

[Thanks to Kohakuchan for helping me upload this masterpiece]

I am crying.

Usagi Sailor Moon - Link Select
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